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@nytkeller #missesthepoint on Facebook/Twitter (Like this post)

New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller wrote a column on Wednesday discussing what he feels are the shortcomings of social media like Facebook and Twitter. To be fair, Keller wasn’t completely anti-social media, like most critics of such come … Continue reading

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Two great things I read this week

Here’s a couple of items I read this week that I highly recommend: NO. – Son of Bold Venture “Do you know how many snowflakes fall in a single blizzard? And do you know how many blizzards there have been? … Continue reading

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Whitlock’s baseless comparison, and the myth of the noble poor reporter

Jason Whitlock’s really forgotten about being a small-time journalist. Guess a few years at ESPN will do that to you. Last night, Whitlock tweeted that he’s looking to hire an intern down in Los Angeles. OK, people do that all … Continue reading

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Why Matt Barrows should jump to the Chronicle

I’m a 49ers fan. Yes, still willing to admit that publicly. So I’ll read the 49ers coverage in the larger northern California papers on a regular basis. I’ve always thought, hands-down, the best 49ers beat writer is Matt Barrows of … Continue reading

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