Starting a professional Facebook page

…and you don’t even have to friend me on Facebook to follow it!

You can click here to view it.

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4 Responses to Starting a professional Facebook page

  1. Zuri says:

    This is interesting. Why?

    • Robert LaHue says:

      Before I can answer that, I’d have to know: Why not?

      • Zuri says:

        Hahaha… well, for starters, I’m already your friend on facebook. So I’m assuming you’d be posting the same things to your page as well as your wall. So my ‘why’ is more geared to what will be different than your regular ol profile. Or, in your new professional facebook capacity, you might see fit to start posting news from Marysville. No offense, but I’m not interested. So, again, content is of relevance.

        Second, is it to safeguard your privacy? That interests me.

  2. Robert LaHue says:

    It was strongly encouraged by the company. But I have different reasons for doing so than my company does.

    Let’s just be honest, the company encourages it as a way to protect their product from reporters that might dare to have an opinion, express it, and have the opinion be seen by somebody who will then use it on their crusade to prove the evil biases of the media.

    As for me, I’d like to keep my professional and personal life somewhat distinct. I’m sure there’s people who are interested in my work are less interested in what I’m doing during the weekend or if I dropped a milk jug on my toe. So I’m not going to clutter up their pages with that. And yeah, there’s a few people I would rather direct to a professional-only page who I don’t want knowing about my personal life, and this seems easier than having to constantly readjust Facebook’s message privacy settings. (A distinct advantage Google+ has over the ‘Book, of course)

    Also, a lot of my friends that aren’t from Chico State or worked with me in newspapers could probably care less about the stuff I do at work. So I’m not going to add to their feeds with a lot of inside baseball talk about journalism.

    I really plan to keep the crossover posting to a minimum. If you see something on both, it’s something I’ll have to be really proud of.