Back from the dead

Had to take the site down temporarily. Unfortunately, I’ve lost quite a few of my posts. I’ve been able to salvage some, and you’ll see them below.

I’ll also be rebuilding all of my old highlight pages, but I’ve done a few new things to show off since I last updated them, so it’s not all bad.

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2 Responses to Back from the dead

  1. Zuri says:

    It happened to me once. I lost a TON of great content. Original columns and everything. Sorry to hear about it. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that this is a learning experience for you. Backup your blog’s database regularly and all will be well.

    P.S. Does this mean you’re renewing your interest in writing in this space more often or is this some New Year’s fling you’re having?

  2. Robert LaHue says:

    Hopefully it’s a renewing. I never could get into the method of forcing myself to blog, and there were a few things I was dealing with that were sapping my desire to write here. I have a couple of post ideas I’ll sketch out as I’m repairing everything here.

    But on the bright side, this site now has an official clean bill of health from Norton SafeWeb and I’ll do a better job backing up the SQL.